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    Andrea Cote
    November 29, 2022

    I have been seeing Dr. Eric for nearly 5 years and each time, I walk out with my mobility in a better place. I joke with him that I feel like a Snowy Owl after a neck adjustment! After long days at the computer or too much tension and stress that is always carried in my shoulders, traps and neck, seeing Dr. Eric is like a beautiful reset for my mind and body. My two favorite activities are CrossFit and Hot Yoga, and even though these activities are so good for me, I do not always have perfect form. When I don’t or I have pushed too much or gone too long without an adjustment, I can always count on Dr. Eric to put me back together with a hip or neck adjustment or some true gut wrenching torture time with all the tools to stretch out the muscles and move around the tissues in my shoulders and hamstrings. Dr. Eric does not do spot treatments- he treats the whole body as one unit and works with each patient the way he would a lifelong friend. He cares deeply about his patients being able to continue to do what they love and he offers tips for aftercare, next appointments, movements to avoid for a bit of time, and things to do in the interim. His career has taken him in many places to meet so many different athletes and professionals of all types, and because he listens, he understands how your body needs to move for you to work, play, exercise, and continue your life. He often says that he is the mechanic to your machine, and this could not be truer- you have to take care of the one body you get and going to him keeps me moving exactly how I want. I have gotten adjustments in office and in his new mobile office, and both are equally effective and convenient. Highly recommend either for whatever works for your schedule. Dr. Eric is one of a kind. 😊

    Mel Strout
    August 02, 2022

    Having seen Dr. Eric now for a few months, I would say that it was one of my best decision. From the first time I have see him, I was able to sleep well and my shoulder mobility is much better. I love deep tissue treatment. I highly recommend him.

    Lacie Madison
    December 21, 2022

    Have had regular chiropractic care since I was young. Dr. Eric is one of the best adjustments I’ve ever had, a perfect cross between a safe informed adjustment and a massage therapist, and his Sprinter Van “office” is one of the fancier officers I’ve gotten to visit. I have fibromyalgia, and do CrossFit and he is helping my quality of life so much. Thankful for his services cannot recommend him enough.

    Brooke Anderson
    June 24, 2022

    Eric is the best! I have tried so many chiropractors and You’re treated like a number. This guy really listens to what you did or where you hurt . You’re almost getting a massage and adjustment at the same time. He is the only person I can count on, for sending my clients to.

    Raymond Jordan
    February 07, 2022

    Dr. Eric has been just amazing at taking care of my back issues. Never had chiropractic care before but I would highly recommend to anyone if they have any issues that chiropractic care would be needed, Achieve Chiropractic should be their #1 choice. Every time I leave the office I just feel 100% better than when I walked in. Thanks Dr. Eric

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    11721 Jefferson Ave STE 101, Newport News, VA 23606, USA

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