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    Diana Cypher
    August 04, 2022

    I have had neck and tailbone pain since two back to back car accidents back in 2011. I have gone to multiple chiropractors and medical massage therapists over the past 11 years to try to find relief. Although I would get relief, it would only last around 5-30 minutes. My husband visited Dr. Johnson in 2019 when we first moved to Houston and had rave reviews. I am not sure why I waited so long to see him! Fast forward to August 2nd, 2022, I decided to reach out and within minutes, Renae was so prompt in her response to my inquiry about appointments for August 3! She was able to fit my husband and I on the schedule. My husband's 2019 Ring Dinger adjustment was so good and lasted all these years; the only reason why he had to go back for another adjustment is because he sustained a trampoline injury. Please note: I am 26 weeks pregnant, so I had the Ring Dinger and a manual neck adjustment. I have also experiencing GERD issues with my pregnancy. Immediately after the Ring Dinger and manual adjustment, I finally remembered what it was like to not live with the chronic pain from my car accident. Even though Dr. Johnson couldn't do treatment for my GERD symptoms (because I am so short and my belly is so big from pregnancy - another sign that Dr. Johnson is an extremely safe practitioner), the adjustment itself significantly improved my symptoms and I did not have to take a TUMS before I went to bed. Thank you Dr. Johnson, Renae and Tristan (who is training under Dr. Johnson and did a wonderful job adjusting my husband) for helping us!

    Jordan Wilson
    August 10, 2022

    I couldn't thank these guys enough i have always been a big fan of the channel and the work that Dr. Johnson has been doing and I was grateful to have the chance to be seen I was in chronic pain for years and no one where I lived did even half of what they did I would 120 percent recommend these guys to anyone who was suffering like I was and wasn't getting anywhere with anything else it was a phenomenal experience!!

    Charlie George
    May 10, 2022

    Dr. Johnson and Renae were great . I knew it would be a delightful experience but to actually go into the office and be able to talk in person was way more than I expected . They were beyond professional and so personable. I been watching their channel for years so it was so exciting to get the full experience in person . The adjustment felt great on my body after the first thing he even did , everything else was just an added bonus . Seriously cannot wait to be back in Texas to visit the office again . I made the trip from Chicago and would not think twice to do it again . You guys rock !! Dr. Johnson I need your autograph next time :)

    Anthony Trollope
    April 04, 2017

    An expat from London, UK, I've used Chiropractors before, but none quite like Dr Gregory Johnson from Advanced Chiropractic Relief. X-rays, MRI scans and other, occasionally obscure tests weren't able to tell previous Dr's the problems that I had, but Dr Johnson was able to diagnose my issues within the first visit. An extremely impressive professional, who is clearly dedicated to his craft, Dr Johnson has helped ease a lot of my pains and is working with me to make changes to my lifestyle to aid my recovery in the medium to long term. It's clear to see why folks travel from all over the world to see him, as if I were outside of the Houston area, I would do exactly the same. I can't explain the feeling of knowing that there is a Chiropractor out there that can genuinely relieve your pains. For many of us who suffer from pain most days of our lives, it's so reassuring to know he can fix me up, so I can be ready again for what the world throws at me. Joseph, his assistant and masseuse, is also extremely professional and great at what he does. His accuracy to hit the pain points and relieve them is like no other masseuse I have frequented. That combined with the fact he's just a great all-round guy, ready to help recommend stretches and other forms of relief that you can do on yourself outside of their facility. Dr Johnson, Joseph and Renae make an excellent team. I have absolutely no hesitation in offering them my highest recommendation to others who seek relief from pain. They are all great at what they do!

    September 27, 2022

    This is genuine witch-doctor stuff. Chiropractors need to be named and shamed for absolute pseudo-science with no medical evidence behind it. "Pelvis shifted", "forward head translation". The human body has many perfectly normal misallignments. And infants should NEVER be having spinal adjustments under any circumstances!!

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