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    Josh Moreno
    June 01, 2023

    I recently had an appointment at Desert Sun Chiropractic, and unfortunately, my experience left much to be desired. The first issue I encountered was the excessive wait time. I waited for a staggering two hours without even getting to see the doctor. This kind of delay is simply unacceptable, especially when patients are seeking prompt medical attention. Furthermore, during this extended waiting period, I was placed in a room for over 30 minutes without any updates or communication about the delay. It's frustrating to be left in the dark without knowing what is happening or how much longer the wait will be. Better communication and transparency regarding wait times would greatly improve the patient experience. To make matters worse, when I was finally attended to, I was provided with muscle therapy in a room adjacent to another patient who was constantly on their phone. Their notifications were incessant and distracting, making it difficult for me to relax and focus on the treatment. Creating a calm and peaceful environment for patients should be a priority, and measures should be taken to minimize disturbances and distractions. In terms of feedback, I believe Desert Sun Chiropractic could make some improvements to enhance the overall patient experience. Firstly, sending all necessary electronic forms to patients before they arrive would streamline the check-in process and reduce waiting times. This way, patients can complete the paperwork at their convenience and have everything ready upon arrival. Additionally, it would be beneficial for the clinic to send an introduction video before the appointment. This would give patients a better understanding of what to expect during their visit and familiarize them with the chiropractic procedures. By providing this information in advance, patients can arrive prepared and with a clearer idea of what their treatment entails. Lastly, setting clear expectations regarding appointment duration is crucial. If there is a possibility of an appointment taking longer than usual, it's important for the clinic to communicate this in advance. This way, patients can plan their schedule accordingly and are not left feeling frustrated or inconvenienced by unexpected delays. In conclusion, my experience at Desert Sun Chiropractic was marred by extensive waiting times, lack of communication, lack of treatment, and distractions during treatment. By implementing measures such as sending electronic forms and an introduction video prior to appointments and setting clear expectations regarding wait times, the clinic could greatly improve the overall patient experience. It is my hope that these suggestions are taken into consideration to ensure a more efficient and satisfactory experience for future patients. At the end, I continue to experience pain, and spent $40 on 2 hours of nothing.

    Seth Scott
    April 29, 2022

    I always have an awesome experience with my visit, here at Desert Sun Chiropractic. With Dr. Michael Ontiveros knowledge and his team support , like Amanda at reception/ assistant with stretches etc- Westside location; along with their reasonable prices. Furthermore, with an welcome and clean environment. Desert Sun Chiropractic. Is the only place in town, to get a NEW CHANCE at life. Simply with Adjustment to your back pain, with a smile and a gentle touch.

    Jonna Sougstad
    April 25, 2022

    Consistently Excellent Experience Dr. Mike and his team are amazing! I have a chronic neck condition with occasional pain flareups, so I need a go-to chiropractor. After my move to El Paso in 2016, I was experiencing terrible pain and had a tough time functioning…thankfully a coworker referred me to Desert Sun Chiropractic. Dr. O immediately put a plan into place for me and within a few treatment sessions I was feeling back to normal. I was so impressed with Dr. Ontiveros’s ability to make me feel comfortable, caring manner, and genuineness. Their approach just can’t be beat – I continue to need chiropractic support and I won’t go anywhere else! I have also referred both friends and family to Dr. Mike and always hear happy feedback.

    Estrella Luna
    April 21, 2023

    It’s ridiculous to be getting people to come in and not give detailed information I payed to come, I come and they tell me I need insurance for further treatment and that I need a referral from my physician why wasn’t I told this before I payed? I do have insurance but did not bring with me because I was not told I would need it so now I lost my money and time.

    Tiffany Weyant
    June 14, 2022

    Having had damage o both my neck and lower back, I needed a knowledge chiropractor and not only did I find that but Dr. Ontiveros is very patient with me too. His compassion for my care and that of my family is unmatched. I would highly recommend his services.

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