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    Spencer Snedecor
    January 19, 2021

    When it seems as though there is a chiropractor on most every corner in Virginia Beach one has to wonder which one is best? For me having been to 3 different Chiropractors in the past 2 years for both chronic lower back pain and sports related injuries, I have been able to experience a few different styles. What I found with Dr Deana Duggin (Dr D) was a very compassionate bedside manner and holistic approach to helping me achieve my wellness goals. She asked really good questions before jumping into any types of treatment. Her thoughtful approach to care from typical chiropractic treatments to suggested dietary supplements as well as intellectual and spiritual conversations were an amazing blend of treatments that helped me reach my desired center of physical balance while managing my pain thru the healing process. In summary I think she is a great chiropractic professional and I highly recommend her practice.

    Sydney Harrison
    October 18, 2021

    Went to a chiropractor yesterday. I was always skeptical about this practice if I had to be honest. But I was in so much pain in my lower back and I was sick and tired of taking Motrin every single day. So, a friend referred me to Find the Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center It was an amazing experience. Dr. Deana loves the Lord and intertwines the spiritual affects on the body as well as the physical. I was a little sore afterwards but i feel like there has been a reset button pushed.

    Erik Arrington
    August 07, 2016

    Dr. Deana is outstanding! She's friendly and actively listens/questions you about your issues. She is holistic in her approach and is thorough and comprehensive each and every appointment -- always taking the amount of time necessary to make it an extremely productive visit. I have been to numerous chiropractors over the years and Dr. Deana is truly one-of-a-kind, head and shoulders above anyone else I've seen. I always leave her office feeling better than when I arrived. I enthusiastically recommend her to friends in need of a chiropractor!

    Dara Barbash
    November 23, 2016

    Dr. Deana has helped me immensely!! She is probably the best chiropractor out there. She uses all the newest technology and techniques in her office. I am glad she is not a back-cracking doctor because as a doctor myself, I have read about and know people who don't enjoy that method and who have had bad side effects from it. Dr. Deana spends time with each client and gives them the care they need and deserve. She is modern and stays up-to-date with the latest techniques and that is appreciated! Dr. Deana fixed my hips and my feet. As a fit, athletic, and avid runner and someone who loves yoga and other sports, I have tried numerous ways to get my hips, legs and feet all balanced and pain free. Dr. Deana has worked with me for several months and gotten my body in much better running condition. Her new cold laser fixed some foot pain I was undergoing and also has decreased most of my hip pain. She has taught me new balancing techniques and ways to improve my health, mind, body, and spirit. Her essential oils that she NEVER pushes on anyone are actually well-documented in medicine for helping people. Her Biomat is a wonderful addition to her office as well. Dr. Deana and thousands of other doctors out there have proven to many people that past memories and things that happen during childhood and growing up can hinder your body's health and performance. She showed me that emotional pain can affect daily living. She is one of a kind and the real deal and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs any type of muscle and bone work in the area.

    Caroline Harrison
    October 17, 2019

    Dr. Deana is a Godsend. I have been using chiropractic in my life for years and I have never left a chiropractor feeling as centered and aligned/balanced (for lack of better words) as when I found Find the Balance Chiropractic. Often I have had chiropractors work on my problem areas (TMJ, Neck pain, Lower Back Pain, etc.), but Dr. Deana connects everything together and really works on not only what you are feeling, but your entire body, mind, emotions, connect to get your body working again and healing naturally. I was 4-years post having a child through a c-section when I first saw Dr. Deana and her techniques were the first of many tried that were able to help me regain feeling in my abdomen, in-turn allowing me to work on strengthening my core more effectively and pain-free. Dr. Deana arms you with techniques to take home with you to continue your healing. Her wide array of treatments, techniques, and knowledge are what really make this practice stand out. If you have been doing chiropractic for a while and have felt there is room for improvement or are on the fence about trying Chiropractic, I could not recommend this practice enough!

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