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    T D
    August 30, 2023

    This chiropractor is very thorough and caring. He pinpoints the exact place of your pain and provides you with specific instructions on how to improve your condition. With my condition he made sure I understood my treatment time could vary but it doesn’t have to be for a lifetime. Also, all the staff members are incredible. You won’t be disappointed.

    Betsy Kurko
    June 28, 2023

    First off, I feel welcome every time I walk in the door. The ladies who work the front desk are so kind and pleasant. I am the type of person who wants to connect with others, no matter their walk of life and these ladies make me want to bring them snacks… yes, maybe that’s weird but when you go places and they make your heart feel full… what better way to show your appreciation than with food? I know that’s not just me. Second- Dr Ryan Baek is so very knowledgeable. He’s been doing this for 15 years but doesn’t have that “I’ve been doing this for too long” heir about him. It’s more like he has perfected how he does his practice. Quick and efficient but also ensures you understand what he is doing and why he is choosing to do it. Dr Baek listens and makes sure that you’re listening, too. I really appreciate how he takes his time with each appt, though I know he’s busy with many other patients through the day. He doesn’t make me feel like I’m a burden in any way. He opens the floor for me to talk about any issues I have faced since the previous appt and will show me new exercises to ensure progression toward my goals. I appreciate him explaining why I should continue to practice at home, the things that he teaches, to further my progress. My insurance only covers 20 sessions and I have a pretty ugly case of scoliosis, though, I think it won’t be a problem to get it resolved (for the most part, as long as I continue to do my homework which includes working on my posture) As a Korean owned business, let me share with y’all what they bring to the table that EVERYONE will love. Koreans are much faster paced than Americans. To see how their business model is effected by this… I have to say I am impressed. Today I had to wait a little longer before Dr Baek could see me and instead of spending my time in the waiting room, they took me to the back to lay on a massage bed. Y’all. I hate massage chairs bc I have long legs and a super short torso which means the chairs are missing all the key parts but this massage bed?! I was hoping they would turn it back on for another round. It was the best thing ever! On that note- they do electro therapy after Dr Baek finishes the adjustment. One of the office ladies offered to have a cold electro therapy. Amazing. It was like an electrifyingly cold hug. I loved it. If y’all are searching for respite from health issues that seem to only be temporary masked by drugs…. Give this a shot. ^this was my issue. My regular dr prescribed me multiple things but once Dr Baek showed me the X-rays he took, I realized that medicine isn’t the answer. Our bodies are machines made of organic matter. Sometimes you need to adjust your parts so that you won’t have to eventually replace them. Give Semihan Chiropractic a shot. They are seriously a hidden gem!

    Kyoojin Cha
    September 01, 2023

    Dr. Baek’s expertise and clinical experience allowed me to recover from my chronic back pain, balance, concentration and digestive problems. His friendly guidance also implemented me a heathy lifestyle for perfect posture.

    Maureen Cramer- Realtor
    May 12, 2023

    Back in February, I sprained my ankle and per emergency doctor's advice I had it wrap up for more than 2 months. When I visited Dr. Baek, it was swollen and worse, can't walk properly. After first treatment, my foot felt relieved. He got me back walking and lessen the swell, then a week later, I am walking like nothing happened. I am continuously making progress with my overall health an my foot is one less worry I have. All thanks to Dr. Baek's gonstead care. Definitely recommended👌👍.

    Ren Jose
    May 04, 2023

    Dr. Baek uses the Gonstead method and is amazing! I had painful back problems and even after 1 treatment, I felt relief but not fully better. However, after 2 weeks I am almost there. He and his staff are kind and he truly knows what he’s doing! Dr. B taught me how important posture is and just taking care of yourself. HIGHLY recommend him!

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    1507 E Sandy Lake Rd #140, Coppell, TX 75019, USA

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