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    Sharmila Reddy
    May 20, 2022

    Personal trainers probably have one of the most unique and versatile professions imaginable. The physical demands I have put on my body for the last 10 years have been alleviated in just 1 month with the dedicated care of Dr. Jim Sweeney. My 3 times a week treatment consisted of spinal adjustments, dry needling, electrical stimulation on the roller ball table and great conversation. Dr. Jim conveys his passion of chiropractic care with his extensive knowledge of how the body, when under physical stress can affect your life day to day. I have been given a second chance at living a pain free life as I continue my road to wellness with maintenance care once a week. If you are a personal trainer or just someone who spends a lot of time in the gym, then seeking chiropractic care with Dr. Jim Sweeney is highly recommended. It is important to balance out and readjust your body after applying all the stress and strain that comes from an intense workout session. Personal trainers are like race cars, and a super qualified chiropractor is like the pit crew. No matter how fast and smooth the car is, it can only get so far without the assistance of its crew. Thank you Dr. Jim for all that you’ve done and will continue to do. Here’s to more gains and a pain free strength training journey. Huge shout out to the staff, including Polly (pup) for always making me feel so welcomed and mama Sweeney for being so attentive and caring.

    February 26, 2022

    I have found the right place! Jim and Jon Sweeney are the best Chiropractors around. They have an outstanding staff to help you get well. I could barely walk when I first went there. After several treatments including spinal decompression I found relief. I can now stand up straight and feel good again. I truly believe that I was saved from surgery and more drugs by their therapies. Thanks Foster Fleming.

    Gwen Minton
    February 03, 2022

    Dr. Jon Sweeney is exceedingly compassionate and is an excellent chiropractor. His care has enabled me to continue to engage the activities I love and take care of my body with a holistic approach. I ALWAYS leave with a smile! The office runs very efficiently and the entire staff feel like a second family to me. So grateful for Sweeney Chiropractic and highly recommend the practice!

    Shanna Faulk
    February 25, 2022

    Honestly, if you're looking for a chiropractor, look no further. This place doesn't feel like a business. It feels like a second home with how welcoming everyone is. Added bonus you get to meet his family as well as his cute pupper, Molly! This place isn't all business. They do everything that is necessary to help heal you but also guide you to making the most out of your chiropractic care for the future. Dr. Jim is incredible and has an amazing way of making you feel at ease but like you're part of his family dynamic that he has going on at his office. 10/10 would definitely recommend. You seriously won't regret making this a decision!

    Shirley Cruz
    June 21, 2022

    Amazing doctor! Knows exactly what he’s doing, very friendly, and has an awesome staff. Since I started seeing Dr. Sweeney I feel great! He has helped me so much with my neck pain. I wasn’t able to even wear a necklace and within 3 weeks I can wear a necklace for a short amount of time, but is a huge progress. Just like Dr. Jim says healing takes time just like our pain takes time to build. I’m extremely confident I will be totally pain free soon. He is worth every penny, 100% recommended.

    Sweeney Chiropractic

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    201 Thompson Ln #103, Nashville, TN 37211, USA

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