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    Matthew McGrath
    August 01, 2022

    My wife has been in constant pain for over a year. I even took her to the emergency room more than once. The ER M.D.'s took X-rays and said her spine was fine prescribed pain killers and sent her home. We have tried so many things with people just wanting to prescribe another pill. After we left on day one with Tallahassee Spinal Care, my wife cried because she said she was not going crazy her pain was real. She had a herniated disc and multiple different sections of her spine that was twisted up causing further damage. Dr. Wainwright was honest...its gonna take some consistent treatment however he could clearly explain her limited motion and acknowledged her pain, but he also didn't throw painkillers at it. He said he was gonna find out what's wrong and have a working plan on how to get her active pain-free and KEEP her active. She was so happy and relieved to have hope without surgery and mind numbing drugs and as her husband I felt relief. We had found the right place! If you don't want a runaround, want relief from pain and enjoy prompt customer service, I would recommend Tallahassee Spinal Care.

    Shana Ballo
    March 27, 2022

    This practice is legit! I came to Dr. Wainwright crying but I left smiling! I now have hope for the future again and my pain levels have greatly improved since I’ve been receiving treatments (close to 2 months). I’m still in my healing period but I have made tremendous progress! After receiving DRS treatments, my sciatic pain is almost non-existent! Is it a miracle? No. It is scientific education combined with technology! And that my friends comes with a price, of course. I’m pretty sure those treatment tables don’t come wholesale, if you get my drift. Initially, I was somewhat intimidated upon walking into Dr. Wainwright’s beautiful and fancy office. I was wondering how could I afford this advanced medicine/state-of-the-art technology? Once I heard the total cost of spinal decompression I was even more intimidated lol. However with logic, research, and reasoning, I realized that the possibility of correction without surgery, in addition to pain relief (tremendous pain) and returning to my normal activities of daily living outweighed the financial sacrifice. Besides, Dr. Wainwright was upfront about the costs and provided several payment options. He was willing to work with me, even though I have less than desirable credit. His bedside manner is commendable and he fully evaluates/explains your condition before recommending treatments. I hand delivered a copy of my MRI for analysis. Judy & Carrie are kind, patient, caring, down-to-earth and keep me smiling! I’m forever greatful that Dr. Wainwright has chosen to specialize in this alternative; my life is better because of it. I now miss less time at work due to pain and existing seems worthwhile. Objectivity is what allows one to not judge a book by its cover. A BIG Thank you to Tallahassee Spinal Care. I look forward to being able to do the Tampa K-Wang dance again soon!!!! 😁 (also thanks to search engine marketing algorithms that made me aware via social media 😉) You gotta love technology! Gratitude! 5-stars isn’t enough. Infinite ✨ stars!!!!

    Dina Ivory
    May 27, 2022

    Very professional staff. Dr. Wainwright knows what he's doing. I actually enjoyed my first visit to them. I have 100% confidence my issues will be resolved!

    Alana Wise
    August 29, 2022

    Dr Wainwright and his staff are wonderful.!! He has helped me with my pain so much. I recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic help. 😊

    C. Toles
    February 04, 2022

    If you are experiencing lower back pain due to a herniated disk please do yourself a favor and consult an MD before going through this program. This is a smoke and mirror operation that diagnoses and treats spine conditions without an MRI. They lock you into a 5000 dollar program and I had to quit half way through because my pain got worse, saving me 2500. I am now at Tallahassee orthopedic centers where the MD told me I probably caused more damage stretching me out without knowing the exact cause and severity of my herniated disk. This place puts profit first and prey on those who are not informed. Do yourself a favor and save this for last resort or after speaking to an actual medical doctor. ****FOLLOW UP TO BUSINESS OWNERS RESPONSE***** I was advised my line of work was not a main concern but proper form and lifting techniques were more important which I have always implemented. Additionally, I was informed this new decompression technique was 80% effective for healing disk herniations, which was also false. Additionally, I paid 500 for an initial X-ray exam which took over 45 minutes. When I was at Tallahassee Orthopedic Centers, the professional X-ray tech completed my X-rays in under five minutes and took many more shots where as your center took over 45 minutes to complete using outdated equipment. You pass your potential clients off to the front desk worker to make sure they can get approved financially with care credit before moving forward in the process. You do not run an ethical business practice and prey on the less knowledgeable clients. You may help certain patients but you need to be honest with clients that have serious health conditions before you start stretching them out…..now I’m stuck with a 2500 bill I pay on every month.

    Tallahassee Chiropractic and Injury Clinic

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