How a Chiropractor Treats Back Pain

19 January 2021

Almost everyone today knows that chiropractors treat back pain. However, to most people it is a complete mystery how it is done. Well, not anymore.

Sometimes this question comes from that naysayer that beliefs the great results their friends are getting from chiropractic care is “too good to be true!”

To be fair, the idea of having someone “tinker” with your back does seem frightening, because the back is such a critical part of everything that happens in your body. Therefore, it is important to remember that when chiropractors help back pain, they are not “tinkering” with the back, they are treating it. They are highly trained professionals with years of training and practical laboratory training.

Now, this is a glimpse into how they do it.

The two main forms of treatment that chiropractors use to treat back pain are spinal manipulation and mobilization. Spinal manipulation, or manual manipulation as it is also called, involves using a quick arm thrust that is applied to any abnormal vertebrae in the spine. These vertebrae may be causing great pain because it is pinching a nerve, interfering with other vertebrae, or causing other damage.

Mobilization is a technique that takes a bit more time and is a gentler process, although it is also just as effective. With mobilization, chiropractors gently stretch and move muscles and joints, in the hopes that the patient will regain more mobilization in these areas. The theory behind treating back pain this way is that the less a patient uses the sore muscle or joint, the more quickly it is going to heal.

Of course, spinal manipulation and mobilization are not the only techniques that chiropractors use to treat back pain. Things such as ultrasounds and traction; exercises to strengthen inactive or under-active muscles; pelvic stabilization, which places a small heel in the shoe to correct instability; and ergonomics to change a person’s lifestyle either at home or work that may be hurting their back.

If you have back pain, there are many ways that a chiropractor can help. It is safe and effective and will have you back on your feet again in no time. Which is more than can be said for any painkiller.

Soft tissue therapies, such as deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy are also common treatments that chiropractors use. These treatments work to go deep into tissue to calm and repair them. Physiotherapy modalities are also sometimes used to treat pain or injury through chiropractic. These treatments often rely on ultrasounds to determine and correct problems and in some instances, electrical stimulation is also used.

Chiropractors are not always hands-on in their treatment though. Chiropractors are grouped as part of alternative medicine. To stay true to this, chiropractors will use other treatments such as nutrition advice, stress management therapy, and herbal therapies to treat their patients. A lot of focus is also placed on preventative treatments so that the patient can learn how to take care of their back properly and without strain so that the injury or pain does not reoccur.

The bottom line is, for those who suffer from back pain, chiropractic care should be at the top of your list. Using a hands-on technique, a chiropractor will manipulate and adjust certain bones and tissues and many people experience relief from back pain. There are many conditions and injuries in which chiropractors find manipulation to be useful. But, although spinal manipulation is the most common chiropractic treatment, it is definitely not the only tool the Doctor of Chiropractic medicine has available.

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief summary of back pain and chiropractic care from your chiropractor finder!

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