Myths About Neck And Back Pain

15 January 2021

Let’s begin by learning some realities in order to different fact from myth about back pain. Of all, under 1% of intense lower back pain is the outcome of a major infection or condition like cancer or a severe back injury.

Persistent pain sufferers report that doctors typically tell this to about 90% of them and it is inaccurate. In truth, the bulk of low back pain cases or some 90% typically come from an unidentified cause, like an infection or a particular injury. The pain combined with depression and stress and anxiety in long-term cases can put patients at risk for suicide, which does occur from time to time.

On the contrary, under 2% of patients with back pain require surgery. Back pain is the third most common reason for surgery. The top job related or occupational issue in the USA is back pain.

“Lie down and rest for back pain.” Au contraire. Contrary to popular believe, bed rest can prevent healing. Healthcare providers recommend remaining active to decrease down time for patients.

“Men suffer neck and back pain more than women.” This is also a myth! With regards to gender problems and back pain, it is a very common misconception that males suffer pain in the back more than females. In reality, the only primary distinction is with secondary pain to disk conditions during middle age. With regards to race, low back pain is reported more often amongst caucasians than other races including African Americans.

“If a patient’s pain description does not have a routine, consistent pattern, it’s probably imagined or exaggerated.” This is yet another Myth! No two people and no two cases are absolutely 100% identical. Activities, situations, pain and people themselves vary from day to day and there is no 100% proper method to describe pain in words to fit a completely precise diagnosis. Even the 0-10 pain scale that is in common use is completely subjective. One person’s 6 could be another person’s 4. As a side note. I once heard a nurse explain it to a patient this way. A 10 on the pain scale is if you slammed your hand in the car door, then took it out and slammed it again!

Let’s begin by learning some realities in order to understand the the truth from the misconception people have with regards to back pain. In truth, the majority of low back pain cases or about 90%, generally come from an unidentified causes, like an infection or a particular injury. On the contrary, under 2% of patients with back pain need surgery. With concerns to gender concerns and back pain, it is a myth that men suffer back pain more than women. Activities, events, discomfort and individuals themselves vary and there is no absolute proper method to explain pain in words to fit a perfectly precise medical diagnosis.

The modern chiropractor has been trained to diagnose and treat back and neck pain. They have advanced training to listen to and understand the description of pain patients use; and then to treat the pain. They use chiropractic manipulation techniques that have been proven to offer short- and long-term relief form back pain as well as the related symptoms.

Our recommendation is to find a local chiropractor that will work with your description of your pain and that will seek to understand how you are feeling. They will develop a plan to minimize you pain. If they discover that the pain is caused by something outside of their expertise, they also have a network of physicians they can refer you to that will ensure you get the proper treatment. Don’t live with back or neck pain anymore!

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